We are a mobile mechanic service.  We come to YOU!  This avoids the issues of multiple personnel being needed for transport to and from the repair shop.  More importantly it means that you would then be able to put the driver, that would most likely have been needed to transport the truck in need of repair, into another vehicle to continue on with their work load.  A simple call to us is all that would be needed.  

Why Choose Us

When you go to most truck repair shops, you speak with a service writer about the issues and then you have to trust that the service writer has asked all the questions needed and communicates that information to the mechanic.  With HM Repairs, you will speak with the diesel mechanic about the issues directly and even get to witness them performing the repairs.  You will have direct interaction with the mechanic and speak with only one person.  We feel this leads to a positive experience and eliminates communication break-down.



James (Jamie) Wendt has over 20 years of experience in the industry of diesel truck repair.  Jamie understands how important your vehicle is to you.  He prides himself on diagnosing and repairing the problem the first time without a lot of trial and error.  In addition, Jamie is also people oriented and an effective communicator.  

Experienced quality work

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When dealing with vehicles that travel hundreds of thousands of miles, you will be in need of a diesel mechanic often.  The relationship with your mechanic is an important one.  This relationship will be based on your interactions with the truck repair shop and the trust with which you have gained in their knowledge and services provided to you.  HM Repairs & Services prides itself on gaining and keeping your trust. 

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